2 June 2009

Part 1 of 3 - Bridge Across Eternity

Across that bridge,
The story goes,
A hunter’s maiden
Built her home,
A home that stood
Through storm and rain,
A home that sheltered
All her pain.

Her name forgotten,
Now unknown,
The name of the child,
He called his own.

Across that bridge,
A child now grown,
Looked for her mother,
And a home of old.
Find her she did,
The story goes,
A part of the heavens,
And a river bold.

(Photographs taken at The Doddamakali Fishing and Nature Camp)


Smriti said...

wow!! i love the way the poetry and the images come together. I shall say it...you are a...a...a... GENIEASSS!! :)

Kavita said...

Since I'm a self-confessed Geni-ass, all I can say is "Thank you very much." :-)

Basically Blah said...

Lovely pics!! Of course, this song popped into my head: Across the bridge, there's no more sorrow; Across the bridge, there's no more pain; The sun will shine... across the river; and you'll never be unhappy again!

Kavita said...

Singing it already! :-)