15 June 2009

Part 3 of 3 - My Love Will Find Me, Like Night Finds Day

My love, I follow thee today,
Today, tomorrow, everyday.

At dawn I feel the sunshine new,
By dusk I hope to follow through.

Drifting through time and space – a sea,
Willing my world to drift to thee,
As diamonds glint in the great black night,
The mountains whisper that all will be right,
Drifting through time and space – a dream,
In a state of continuum, I believe I see.

The dawn now subtle in strength renewed,
The dusk my moment of all that’s true.

Today, tomorrow, and everyday,
My love will find me, like night finds day.

(Photograph taken at The Doddamakali Fishing and Nature Camp)


Smriti said...

Yes! And the princess kissed the frog and he became the prince!! (The skeptic returns)

Kavita said...

Here's another thought to replace the disturbing one that's taken a hold of your mind. It can also be the story where the frog kisses you, after which you turn into one too.

Don't worry, neither of these thoughts has anything to do with the poem...Princes, frogs, Princesses....a fairytale?...no way...we're just talking about night finding day here. :-)

annette said...


Smriti said...

hehe! that's not so bad! shrek is gooooood!!

Smriti said...

Like McDreamy or McSteamy. See! Now i connect! :D
You're gonna kick me outta here...i know! :D

Anonymous said...

..And I have been following,
Web-page after page,
Yet I only keep on stumbling,'
On "My Love will find me,
Like Night Finds Day"

- Anonymous