9 August 2009

Another Place, Another Time

Will you wait a moment please?
I’ve heard your voice before,
Birdsong on a fresh spring day,
Echoes of a bloom long gone.

Fair lass don’t turn your back on me,
I’ve held that flaxen hair,
Spun gold with summer’s fragrant breeze,
The sunrise of my days.

Now look at me with those eyes so blue,
I’ve gazed into their depths,
Sky blue oceans, midnight lights,
I loved them till I bled.

You do not hear my heartfelt cry,
A fleeting look, then pass me by.
My soul remembers, memories,
Another place, another time.


Smriti said...

That mean woman...i'm gonna whack her!
I could see the puppies in his face :( !

Basically Blah said...

That woman... what gives her such cheek... the fact that she's got hair..or that it's flaxen?

Smriti said...

I think it's cos it's flaxen. Apparently she was auburn earlier. She had a bad dye job and became flaxen...then...flaky.

But our sweet hero didn't know that..sigh!

Kavita said...

Cut her some slack folks, and don't beat her black and blue.Please.I mean, not everyone remembers soul journeys as they move through lifetimes, right? :-)

Blah: I was going to go just for the hair, but as you can see, Smriti seems has a different theory altogether.

No matter my peepz, his heart is bleeding 'cause of her.

morefutility said...

Why is their hair always flaxen, eyes blue, clothes torn asunder and that bit. I want a poem about a lass (not fair, she is decidedly tan) with eyes aflame, (because she is tired of picking up others dirty underthings), hair in disrepair (she is married, and doesn't really give a fig), body (slightly worn, but still game for twister) less than taut. I would love a poem like that (as I am self-involved and distrust fit pretty people).

Kavita said...

Jennifer - I solemnly swear that flaxen will never make the cut again!

Oh gosh, I can't believe that the only time "flaxen & blue" made the cut, she's been beaten black and blue. :D

Oh, and good to know you like the pix in general.:-)

Liquid Love said...

Tell him to cry not nor forget not,
For, She'll find Him
In another place, in another time.


Mystique said...

Liquid Love: I’ll be sure to pass on your "heartfelt" message to him. :p