19 October 2010

A Million Little Pieces

Fragments cold
Stories old
Tainted snowdrops; frozen teardrops
Stories cold
Fragments old.

Broken pottery
Unspoken mysteries
Splintered footprints; bloodied fingerprints
Mysteries unspoken
Pottery broken.

Dusty floors
Unhinged doors
Withered leaves; insidious disease
Unhinged doors
Dusty floors.

Moonbeam river
Sunlight quiver
Caterpillar to butterfly; healing touch – Giver of Life
Moonbeam quiver
Sunlight river.


Seeing & Peeing said...

Better fix your doors
Else I'll be there with a broom
To sweep your dusty floors
So you can copulate with your groom.

Kavita said...

POP: Eh, whateva!

Smriti said...

I'm reading A.S. Byatt's 'The Children's Book' right now....that's the connect your poem makes for me!

Kavita said...

Smriti: What's the book like?
I've only read one of her books. Of course it had to be 'Possession' and I loved it.

Smriti said...

It's about fairy tales and a boy who likes to make pots! Upto the point where I've reached!

Terror #1 said...

I'm sorry but I'm looking at your poem from a different perspective...the mystery perspective...tat's the first thing that comes to head esp wen your talking bout unspoken mysteries hehehe...

I absolutely love the way you've written this poem...it seems intense like a lot of little things were running thru ur head... But wat takes it all for me is the scheme u've used...its brilliant and I just love it...each verse has a different scheme which adds to the beauty of this poem...

Kavita said...

Terror#1: Merci.

Sweet J, I'll have to wipe the word mystery out of anything I write for a while I think. :p

I think a million things when I write verse and I like to live the scenario in my head till I actually feel the emotions so it's good to know that you can feel the intensity in this one.