28 May 2009

Veiled World

In the beginning, there was the Word,
And the Word was with God,
And the Word was God.

Now, I live by the Sword,
And kill with the Word,
In the name of the Lord.

The future, will bring to this world,
The wrath of the Word,
The havoc of God's will.

In the end, God's Word will be heard,
In the heart of this world,
The beginning again.

(The first verse is from The Bible - John 1:1)

20 May 2009


Her beauty – wistful,
Sought the wind,
Her mind – wanderer,
Rode the storm,
He waited – beautiful,
By her side,
Her eyes – angelic,
Yet so blind,
Waited in vain – solitary,
For the rider, who never came.

11 May 2009


Her widow’s peak of bloodline old,
Posed many a question on a story untold,
An allegory from the caves of yore,
Her visage, a shadow of mystic allure.

With time and tide moving from her shores,
She swept up the pieces of an era bygone,
The raging torrents of shadows past,
Now gentle whispers in twilight cast.

Those emerald pools of depths unknown,
Now soft with the shine of a newborn song,
The stranglehold of the turret and cloth,
A transient cloud on the road to dawn.

Moments and memories in a world brand new,
Flitting and floating, beckoning its due,
She danced on fearless, having arrived,
At the gates of freedom – undulating tide.

3 May 2009

Pirouette – Legato

Show me a grain of sand,
And I’ll tell you its story.

Bring me an eyelash,
And I’ll make you a wish.

Whisper on the wind,
And I’ll play you a song.

Give me a glimpse of your soul,
And I’ll spin you a dream.

A dream for tomorrow,
A song for your sorrows,
A wish for felicity,
A story for life.

But bring me a stone,
And I’ll break your neck.

Or a sooty eyed devil,
Curse you to death.

Scream across time,
I’ll silence your voice.

Your heart without soul,
Paper roses to go.

The stone of my burden,
A lover’s betrayal,
Spectres of the shadow,
Shriveled heart of the dead.

So bring me that sand,
And I’ll create an oasis.
Winged songs will follow,
Whispering dreams of the morrow.