12 November 2013

Dance Of Fireflies

You and I
Dance of light
Pretty sight.

You and I
Now alight
Flowers bloom
Dispel gloom.

You and me
Christmas eve
Song of cheer
Atop reindeer.

Me and you
Feeling blue
Fading light
Flying kites.

You and I
Passers by
Muted sigh
No goodbyes.

6 November 2013



In the heart of the forest
My deepest secrets lie,
In the soul of the forest
My darkest deeds die.

Wingless flight
Winters drear
On and on
The still air - clears.

The heart of the forest
Mine - not mine
The soul of the forest
Alive - still alive.

Cautious approach
Shivers - fear
On and on
The door opens - near.

In the heart of the forest
My dreams unfold,
In the soul of the forest
I find hope's gold.

Slow yet steady
Colour - muted glow
On and on
Beyond the forest - goes.

The heart of the forest
Whispers - angel wings,
The soul of the forest
Rises - heaven sings.

(Artist: Sera Rajan Paul)

3 July 2013

Passage To Nowhere

Across the border, past the gate,
almost surrendered
to a date with fate.

Past His resting place, once He lay,
people gathered,
then freedom came.

By the gurgling brook, crystal clear,
my mind wandered
back to all that was dear.

Onward journey, end unknown,
fresh mountain air
and sunshine the keystone.

Gazing, reflecting, mind still sore,
out from the void
I climbed – still unsure.

All the while, patient, sure,
he held my hand,
wouldn’t let go.

Smiling, tentative, onward bound,
my hand in his
walked on - steady ground.

5 June 2013


Live and let live
On winged dreams relive
Vortex of fun
Escapologist’s run.

Live and then die
On a tide that runs dry
Vendetta run
End of time – be done.

Live and let go
On wings now mellow
Veil of darkness undo
Enter the light – renew.

(Artist: Gayatri Aditya)

1 April 2013


                                          (Artist: Shadow)

Halls of silence - meditate
Spirit catcher - mediate
Wells of darkness - obliterate
Sunshine divine - invigorate.

                                                             (Artist: Shadow)


                                          (Artist: Shadow)

Wilting flower o'er fallen leaves
Shadow dancer - drifting breeze
Molten lava o'er charred debris
Spirit raiser - uplifting seed.


                                                       (Artist: Shadow)

Six feet under - troubled, deep
The heart plunders - mindless streak
Wishful thinking - nothing, weak
Peaceful slumber - the soul seeks.

11 March 2013

Shadow's Book of Verse - 1

Introducing Shadow:

Mystique hath found inspiration,
In words, Not hers - celebration,
"Shadow" by choice,
This fresh new voice,
A twist to the melody - welcome addition!

It should be spring
but it's 1 outside,
There should be sunshine
but snow beats against my face,
There should be colour
but the flowers are hidden -
Tucked away from the cold,
It should be spring outside
but winter's still got a strong hold.
- Shadow

{ Shadow isn't me and would like to remain anonymous, so anonymous Shadow shall remain!}


24 January 2013

Seeking Horizons

(Artist: C.Smriti)

Over my dead body - Fall
Treacherous wind - Die
Cascading rapids - Sink
Deeper and deeper
The edge of reason - Seek.

Still my body - Rise
Whispering forests - Walk
Cleansing waterfalls - Flow
On and on and on
Seek luminous skies - Dawn.