15 March 2011

The Initiate

 Artist: C.Smriti

Into the unknown,
Hesitant - she stepped.

Engulfed by flames,
Her aura - leapt.

Two became one,
Once more – herself.

Author's Note:  First came the picture, then came verse. Thanks for the inspiration, Smriti.


Smriti said...

First came you with the book!! Danke, my lovely!!
I love the verse!

Kavita said...

Smriti: We make a good team, eh Smitten? :-)

~~~The Mutual Admiration Society Hath Spoken~~~

Basically Blah said...

Oh, get a room, you two.

P.S. Lovely - both picture and verse.

Smriti said...

Kaotic: I agree! Let's make BB barf with more..nyehehahhahahaa :D

Babluh: *blush, giggle, pout* kindly thanking you.

Kavita said...

BB: I think we need Broadway for this!

Oh, and thank you. :-)